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This is the new community called Plays and Broadways! It's for all of you out there who cannot get enough of plays, broadway shows, off broadway shows..anything!

Rules to join:
You have to fill out a little survey to start off (its really simple and easy, I promise!)
Date of Birth:
Favorite Play You've seen/want to see:
Favorite Musical(don't have to of seen it):
Favorite Play You've Done (crew or cast):
Favorite Musical You've Done(crew or cast):
Who is your favorite broadway actress/singer:
Who is your favorite broadway actor/singer:
What Play would you like to be in:
What Musical would you like to be in:
(IF you want)Post a picture of you, in a role you've played or, just for the heck of it:
Anything else you want to add:

**Note you do NOT have to be in plays or musicals to be apart of this community. If you have Not been in any which musical or play would you like to be in?**

I have a Few Simple Rules to join:
1. Please Do the survey to join
(that is the only requirement)
2. Be Nice to all please!
(if not you will BANNED!)
3. Post!
You dont have to do it EVERYDAY...but just AT LEAST once or twice a week. So we know your still active in the Community. Also, if you have pictures or really long entries, please put them under a LJ cut(just to respect everybody's friends page) *Also! when you post, try and keep entries ON TOPIC, to where you can get everyone involved!
you do not have to comment on EVERY entry, but Enough. Its nice to recieve comments every so often!
5. Promote!!!
(we want this to be a successful community!)
6. HAVE FUN!!!!
7. to know you've read the rules... Title your first entry *New* and Baby I'm A STAR! (just to keep things on track and people!)

Members of Plays_broadways Starring...

Mod- starless_aurora
Co-Mods awriterswindow- Aida from Aida and charlieguiteau

anathelia- Emponine from Les Misérables
defyen_gravity- Thenardie from Les Misérables
dramaqueen423- kate monster from Ave. Q
ilive4hanson- Vera from Mame
jnby15- Billy Flynn from Chicago
kombatkoala- Glinda from Wicked
kookie_mnstr8- Dot from Sunday In The Park With George
masterchef27- Millie from Throughly Modern Millie
missedsmiles- Lucyfrom Jekyll and Hyde
showbizcutie Elphaba from Wicked

Thank you so much for your time!

-Banners To Promote-(more to come soon!)